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    YouTube finally brings the craziest feature to Malaysia


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    YouTube is the most used streaming platform in the world. According to statistics, there are daily 2 billion active users who watch video on the YouTube platform. Back in 2014, YouTube introduces YouTube Premium to countries such as in the US. After five years, YouTube is finally bringing YouTube Premium to Malaysia.

    In case you don’t know what is YouTube premium is, it is one of the best features on YouTube. With this premium feature, you can watch any videos without any ads interruption. Besides that, you can also play your videos in the background too. This is something really many of us wanted for such a long time. Until yesterday, you can’t play videos in the background for both iOS and Android. When you turn off the screen, the video will be stopped. However, starting today onwards, if you subscribed to YouTube Premium, you can play it in the background.

    At this moment, YouTube Premium is being priced at RM17.90 per month. But, don’t worry YouTube is offering its premium feature free for up to 4 months. But, do note that the number of months of free trial is depending on the device you are using. For example, iOS users could only use the YouTube Premium feature for 1-month only. Whereas, for Android users could use this feature for at least 4-months. Furthermore, YouTube is also offering a family plan option at RM26.90 per month. It allows you to add up to 5 family members into one account.

    How to activate YouTube Premium?

    Activating YouTube Premium is very simple. All you need to do is open your YouTube app from either iOS or Android. Then tap on your Profile icon which is in the top right corner. After that, you have to select either Get YouTube Premium or Paid Memberships to activate this feature. Now, you will be redirected to the payment channel for you to activate YouTube Premium. During the free trial period, YouTube will not charge any amount until the end of the trial period.

    In a nutshell, this is the craziest feature YouTube has ever launched. Personally, we will sign up to the YouTube Premium because of the millions of music which are available in this platform. For more information visit YouTube Premium page.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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