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    Facebook is building its WhatsApp app for the iPad


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    After the launch of iPhone, WhatsApp is built to support the iPhone only. Many of the users who use iPad have wishes WhatsApp will support iPad. Now, we have information that Facebook is working on building the WhatsApp for iPad. Previously, users had to use some workaround to use WhatsApp in the iPad. Soon that wouldn’t be necessary.

    According to WABetaInfo, the iPad version of the WhatsApp will have a similar login process where users have to use their phone number to register an account. That’s completely weird because WhatsApp only allows one number per account. So how can you use WhatsApp? Actually, in order to use WhatsApp for iPad, users need to have the iPad with cellular enabled. This means you will have two WhatsApp accounts in two devices.

    The user interface is still the same as the WhatsApp for Web where the chat screen is splitted into two. The first segment will have the users chats list and the right side will have the ongoing chat conversation. Other than that, the iPad version also supports voice calls and touch ID.

    The new chat screen has a split screen style similar to WhatsApp Web, where users can see the chats they have ongoing with multiple users on the left and a single conversation thread with one user or group on the right. However, WhatsApp for iPad does not allow the user to update their status using the camera. The status feature is still available by using words.

    In conclusion, WhatsApp will soon be available to the iPad once it is completed the development. Most probably, Facebook will collect user feedbacks before rolling it out worldwide. In the meantime, personally we would prefer to use the WhatsApp for Web which is easier.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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