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    Facebook uses AI to remove 1 million accounts

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    Next week India will be having its next general election which will take place on April 11 until May 19. Facebook is working closely with India to remove user accounts who comment or post hate speech on Facebook. It will take a longer time for Facebook to remove this account manually. In order to avoid this, Facebook is unleashing its artificial intelligence to do the rest.

    Facebook faces criticism for allowing the Russian trolls to abuse its platform during the 2016 US presidential election. Other than that, WhatsApp also had the same issue. People use the app to spread false information during the election in Brazil. In order to curb this issue, Facebook’s India managing director, Ajit Mohan, is outlining Facebook efforts to avoid this issue to happen again. According to him, AI is helping Facebook to remove violating contents and it stops the content from going viral.

    It has been 18 months since Facebook starts planning for this election. Part of the action steps is now Facebook will require all the advertisers who run political ads in India to verify their identity and location. Information such as payment and the advertiser details will be stored in the public database. Recently, Facebook is also helping to curb this issue by launching a tool where it helps the voters to know about the new candidate.

    In conclusion, maybe Facebook should also do the same when Malaysia has a general election. As for now, we need to wait for the official election is completed in India. Last week itself Facebook has already remove 680 accounts in both India and Pakistan.

    Last week, Facebook said it pulled down more than 680 accounts in India and Pakistan for “inauthentic behavior,” which means the people behind the accounts misled users about their identities and intentions. 

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