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    Everything Microsoft unveils at the Surface event

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    It’s almost the end of the year and its time for Microsoft to unveil new Microsoft Surface products. While expecting Microsoft to unveil new Microsoft Surface products, Microsoft made a shocking move by unveiling many products instead of one. Yesterday, at the New York City auditorium, Microsoft unveils its Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X, Surface Earbuds, Surface Neo, and Surface Duo.

    Here are the products Microsoft unveils at New York City.

    Surface Laptop 3

    Microsoft unveils the new Surface Laptop 3 which comes in two sizes. Looking at the design seems similar to the MacBook Pro. Surface Laptop 3 comes in new eye-catching colours which are Sandstone and Cobalt. Under the hood, it is powered by the 10th Generation Intel Core processor. For the 15″ Surface Laptop 3 features AMD Ryzen Surface Edition processor for gaming performance.

    For the price wise, Surface Laptop 3 13.5″ starts from $999 and Surface Laptop 3 15″ starts from $1,199. If you are looking for a laptop which seems like the MacBook Pro, then you can consider buying the Surface Laptop 3. For more information regarding the product visit Surface Laptop 3 website here.

    Surface Pro 7

    Microsoft Surface Pro 7 still remains the Surface iconic design. It has the same kickstand which exists in the first-generation Microsoft Surface Pro. Surface Pro 7 is twice fast than the previous Surface Pro. It is powered by the same powerful 10th Generation Intel Core processor. Surface Pro 7 comes in two colours which are Platinum and Matte Black. Surface Pro 7 now gives you all-day battery life where you can use it for both your presentation and entertainment. In a single charge, you can use Surface Pro 7 for up to 10.5 hours.

    For the price wise, Surface Pro 7 starts at $749. You can visit the product overview page for more information on Surface Pro 7.

    Surface Pro X

    Along with the Surface Pro 7, Microsoft unveils a new edition of Surface Pro which is Surface Pro X. X stands for Xtraordinary. Surface Pro X is the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful Surface Pro ever. Microsoft has made a few changes to the design of the Surface Pro X. It has a 13+ edge-to-edge touch screen. The bezels now are 33% thinner than the current Surface Pro. It comes with a new Signature Keyboard and Slim Pen. In Surface Pro 7, you can dock the pen to the side of the tablet. Whereas, for the Surface Pro X, you can easily dock it in the Signature Keyboard itself. The Pen can be recharged in the covered keyboard.

    This thinnest Surface Pro is powered by Microsoft SQ1 processor. This is the first time, Microsoft and Qualcomm join hands to develop the Microsoft SQ1 processor. Its GPU is able to push 2 teraflops of graphics processing power. According to Microsoft, this is the fastest Qualcomm processor ever created for a PC.

    For the price wise, Surface Pro X starts at $999. Surface Pro X is priced at $1,268 which includes the Signature Keyboard and Slim Pen. Visit the Surface Pro X product overview website for more information.

    Surface Earbuds

    This is something we did not expect from Microsoft at all. It was surprising to see Microsoft unveiling its own earbuds. Currently, Apple AirPods are the most used earphones ever in a smartphone. But Surface Earbuds design is sleek. It offers touch and voice control for music and calls. According to Microsoft, it is ultra-comfortable and stable fit. It can sit in your ears securely without falling off.

    With the new Surface Earbuds, you can take your PowerPoint presentation to the next level. You can easily swipe the Surface Earbuds to move to the next slide. Other than that, you can even enable live captions and subtitles on-screen. This is something really useful if your audience doesn’t understand your language. What you are saying is translated into one of the 60+ supported languages.

    Looks like Surface Earbuds is the competitor for Apple AirPods. You can enjoy Surface Earbuds all-day battery life for $249. For more information visit the Surface Earbuds official website.

    Surface Neo

    The other product Microsoft unveils is Surface Neo. It is Microsoft’s first dual-screen device built for productivity on Windows10X. We will talk more about Windows 10X later. Surface Neo has two displays which are 9″ respectively. Both of the screens are connected to a 360-degree full-friction hinge. With the Surface Neo, you can flip the tablet 360-degree to adapt to your posture in the specific moment.

    When you open the tablet, you will see a 13″ full-size display. To know more on how the Surface Neo can be helpful for you, watch the video above. At the moment, Microsoft neither has revealed the technical specifications nor the price details yet.

    Surface Duo

    The last product of the Surface lineups is the Surface Duo. This is the first Surface tablet which can fit into your pocket. This is the first Microsoft tablet which can be used to make phone calls. It has a 5.6″ screens which unfold to 8.3″. Concept wise is similar to the Surface Neo, just the size is totally different.

    In conclusion, these are the products Microsoft unveils during the Surface event. We will update you all once the official pricing for both the Surface Neo and Surface Duo is unveiled.

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