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    PSA: Delete these 9 Android apps before it continues to steal your Facebook data


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    No matter what, Google strengthens its security, yet hundreds and thousands of malware apps exist in the Google Play Store. Recently, these 9 apps have been found as the culprit to steal the user’s Facebook data which includes usernames and passwords. So, if you still have these apps on your phone, then please delete them.

    According to Dr Web, these apps is quite dangerous because it mimics as harmless apps. But then after the user downloads and installs the apps into their smartphone, that’s when the malicious code in it becomes active. At the moment of writing this article, Google has successfully removed the 9 malicious apps from the Google Play Store. Google has also blocked the developer accounts as well.

    Below is the list of the infected apps with the app icons:

    Processing Photo
    App Lock Keep
    Rubbish Cleaner
    Horoscope Daily
    Horoscope Pi
    App Lock Manager
    Lockit Master
    InWell Fitness
    PIP Photo

    Did you know that in total, these apps have been downloaded 5,856,010 times? We hope you all should already have the idea that no matter how many times it has been downloaded by users, it could have malicious code in it. If you still have these apps running on your smartphone, then delete them and don’t forget to change your Facebook password too because your password could have been compromised.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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