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    TikTok is building its own smartphone

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    The world’s most famous video app TikTok is developed by a company called ByteDance. According to the Financial Times, ByteDance is building its own smartphone. Their smartphone will come with ByteDance’s own applications such as ByteDance famous news app Jinri Toutiao and the word’s famous app TikTok. There are rumors also saying ByteDance is planning to release a music streaming service. This app could be included in their smartphone too.

    According to the 35 years old ByteDance CEO, Zhang Yiming, he told the Financial Times, that building a smartphone with the full preloaded app is his long dream. Now, ByteDance has already acquired the smartphone patent from Smartisan, building its own smartphone is just a few steps away. ByteDance has also hired a few of the Smartisan employees to work on the smartphone building project.

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    In conclusion, we believe if this phone is launched in the market most of the teenagers would purchase it. This is because teenagers are the crazily addicted to the TikTok video app. Stay tuned for more updates on ByteDance smartphone.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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