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    Say bye to Google Photos unlimited storage


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    One of the main reason everyone prefers to use Android is because of Google services. Without Google services, Android will be totally useless. Especially, with Google Photos, people are storing tons of their memories securely for free. However, this seems coming to an end because Google has made a shocking announcement.

    Google announces that it will be stopping its unlimited storage options for both Android and iOS users. Currently, any photos or videos which being captured on your smartphone can be uploaded to the Google Photos for free. Google doesn’t charge any fees to use its storage. But, starting next year June 2021 you will not be able to use the unlimited storage feature in the Google Photos.

    Instead, all your photos and videos will continue to upload to Google Photos by using your existing storage option. At the moment, Google has given 15GB free storage for all its users. In the Google Photos app, if you select High quality upload option, then you will be able to use the unlimited storage feature. Unless, if you select the Original upload option, then it uses the given 15GB storage option.

    Get prepared for Google One cloud service

    Sadly, there will not be an option anymore for both iOS or Android users starting June 1st 2021. Well, what happens once the 15GB storage option is fully used? It simple, Google has introduced its Google One services. You need to pay RM8.49 per month in order to add additional storage of 100GB. If the 100GB storage option is not sufficient, then you can opt-in for 2TB storage option which is RM42.99 per month.

    In conclusion, the unlimited storage feature in Google Photos is coming to an end on 1st of June 2020. Just be prepared to either migrate to other cloud storage services or upgrade to Google One for RM8.49 per month.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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