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    Digital birthday card is now part of Facebook Stories


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    The era before Facebook, we have to keep track of our friends and family members birthday by writing it on a diary. Now with Facebook, it will automatically reminds us to wish our friends in case you forgot it. However, in North America, people are not keen to use the opportunity to wish during their friends birthday. Today, Facebook announces a new feature where it is creating a digital birthday card which will incorporate it into the Facebook Stories.

    During the F8 developer conference, Facebook announces it has more than 500 million users are using the Facebook Stories to post an update. How you got to use this feature is when your friends are having a birthday today, you will see a tile in the stories which invites you to wish them through the Facebook Stories. There are a few ways where you can wish them. First, you can tap it and then you can take a picture or a video with wishes. The second you also can choose Facebook’s predefined digital birthday cards which are created by Facebook.

    According to the tech giant, you won’t get to see every friends birthday on the stories tab. Instead of that, you will only your close friends birthday. Facebook uses its AI to identify who is your close friends and then it will display their birthday on the stories. Other than that, you will also able to view the birthday stories if any of your friends add a mutual friend’s story in the birthday stories.

    In conclusion, this feature could really catch people attention around the world especially in the Asia Pacific. Facebook will be rolling this feature worldwide starting today.

    While Facebook stories have clearly caught on in some parts of the world, in other regions people are still scratching their heads about why they might use the product. Bringing in birthday greetings could give those people a good reason to try it — or, if they’ve tried it already, to use it more.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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