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    Australia is the first country to ban MacBooks from checked luggage

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    Two months ago, Apple issues a recall on the 15″ MacBook Pro. The reason is Apple suspects the battery in it could overheat and poses a fire safety risk. When Apple recalls the 15″ MacBook Pro, it says the affected units are between September 2015 and February 2017. Two months after the notice, two Australian airlines companies have issued a ban on all MacBooks from checked luggage.

    The first Australia airline which bans its passengers from carrying MacBook for checked baggage is Virgin Australia. Until further notice from the airline company itself, passengers have to bring their MacBook in their carry-on luggage.

    On the other hand, Qantas has also ban its passengers to put MacBooks into their checked baggage. Virgin and Qantas are one of the famous airline companies in Australia. Similarly, Jetstar also does not permit MacBooks in the checked luggage. Additionally, Qantas and Jetstar do not allow their passengers to use MacBook throughout their flight journey.

    According to an airline spokesman, he says the safety of their passengers and crew members is their highest priority. Due to that, they are requesting all its guests to carry their Apple MacBooks as carry-on luggage as a safety precaution. Another statement from Qantas and Jetstar says:

    All Apple MacBook Pros must be carried in cabin baggage and switched off for flight following a recall notice issued by Apple

    In a nutshell, this is not the first time airline companies are banning specific electronic devices. A few years ago, Galaxy Note 7 was banned in major airlines due to the lithium battery which can cause a fire. If you are planning to travel via Australia airlines, you might want to stop bringing your MacBook along with you.

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