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    ARM halts its partnership with Huawei

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    Everywhere you go the only thing people talk about is all about Huawei. Honestly, Huawei is really having a hard time now. After the US government adds Huawei into its blacklist, companies such as Google, Intel and Qualcomm have stopped all its supplies to Huawei. Even Microsoft has removed Huawei’s notebook from its page. Now, ARM is also suspending its partnership and all its deals with Huawei.

    According to BBC, ARM instructs all its employees to cut all its current relationship with Huawei via a memo. This memo is circulated within its company. This includes Huawei’s sister company HONOR too. HONOR just launches its new series of smartphone, HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro a week ago. Now with this issue, HONOR will be affected too.

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    Although Huawei builds its own SoC without the partnership of ARM, Huawei could not have launched the Kirin processor. If you take a look, most of the Huawei devices is using ARM’s technology as part of Kirin SoC. Other than that, Infineon also has stopped all its relationship with Huawei after Huawei is ban from doing business in the US.

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    In conclusion, its CEO says that the ban does not affect badly as we think. Huawei could have come up with their own contingency plan? If not, this is going to be a huge disaster for Huawei.

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