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    Huawei to launch its own OS by end of this year


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    Last week Huawei faces the worst time ever since the US government blocks Huawei from doing business with the US tech companies. Later, the US government provides a temporary license for Huawei to continue doing their business with US tech companies. Following this tragedy, Huawei finally comes up with its own contingency plan. Huawei will be launching its own operating system either end of this year or first quarter of 2020.

    According to CNBC, this news is confirmed by Huawei’s head of consumer division. Surprisingly, Microsoft has also removed Huawei’s notebook from its product page. This means Huawei will be launching two operating systems for its devices which is for the smartphones and its notebooks. On Thursday, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei told that it has to prepare for plan B if plan A fails. Developing their own operating system is plan B now.

    Imagine using Huawei’s phone without Android, that could be really devastating because all users download their favorite applications from the Google Play Store. According to its CEO, Huawei has its own app store which is known as the App Gallery. However, the population of users who uses the Google Play Store is higher, so Huawei has to think of a way to tackle this issue.

    Issues Huawei has to face before creating their own operating system

    User Experience

    First of all, Huawei needs to focus on the user experience of the operating system. Its operating system has to match with Google Androids and Microsoft Windows. Huawei need to develop various kinds of applications which gives a seamless user experience to its consumers.


    The most important key point here is having a secure operating system. None of the consumers will be using Huawei’s operating system, if it is not secure. This includes user’s privacy and security. All the applications need to involve scanning and certification before rolling out to its operating system. According to Neil Shah, who is a research director, at Counterpoint Research says doing this huge task will be really challenging and requires tons of resources.

    Huawei without ARM technology

    The other issue is Huawei’s being suspended to use ARM technology. After ARM halts its partnership with Huawei, Huawei is facing issues to secure the critical components which are the SoC. Although Huawei creates its own Kirin 980 processors, the technology behind is the ARM technology. According to Shah, the operating system could be useless if Huawei can’t use the ARM processor.

    In conclusion, if the US government insist to continue to block Huawei permanently, then we can expect Huawei’s own operating system to launch by end of this year or beginning of next year. Anyhow, we will keep our readers updated on it.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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