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    Apple announces Apple News+ with premium subscription service

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    In case if you didn’t notice, yesterday midnight MYT time we did our first live blog update of TechmonQuay on Apple Event. Apple announces many services yesterday. Let’s go according to the order. Beginning of the event, Tim Cook talks about the Apple News to the audiences.

    As an update to the News app, Apple announces the new Apple News+, a premium subscription-based service. The new News+ will provide you single access to various magazines and newspapers. As for now, you can get access to more than 300 popular magazines such as National Geographics, Billboard, and Vogue. Apart from that, you will have access to the worlds most famous newspaper, The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Time. Never miss any of that news in your palm.


    At this moment the new Apple News+ service is available for users in US and Canada only. Since this is an extension service of the original Apple News app, you still can use the app for your daily news browsing. Apple also announces that the Apple News+ service will be available in Europe, UK and Australia later this fall. The Apple News+ is not available for Malaysians yet. But we can expect they might roll out this new service most probably next year.

    For the first time, Apple is launching the new News app to the Mac. This means you can read your news on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Read from where you left off without any distraction.

    Apple wants its users to get all the accurate news only. In order to reach its objective, Apple has a team of news editors who selects all the news which are legit only. Apple also wants its users to have the best reading experience. In order to achieve that, they have included live images in the front cover of the magazines and beautiful typography.

    How much do you have to pay?

    If you calculate the price for 300 subscriptions per year is almost $8000 (RM32,532.00). That’s totally crazy am I right! But thanks to Apple, the new Apple News+ will only cost you only $9.99 (RM40.62) per month. If you calculate it for a year is almost $120 (less than RM500.00). That’s a totally worthy plan!. Moreover, with this subscription the Apple News+ supports family sharing up to six of your family members.

    In conclusion, Apple always focuses on its user’s privacy. You don’t have to worry, because Apple does not track on what you read and they don’t let advertisers track you too.

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