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    Apple announces its first digital credit card, Apple Card

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    Apple always focuses on its users security and privacy each time when they launch a product. Four years ago, Apple introduces Apple Pay which almost same as NFC payment which was available in Android. Today, Apple announces its first digital credit card which Apple calls it the Apple Card.

    For the first time, Apple is partnering with the Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. The new Apple Card will be accepted widely everywhere. So if your country does not support the Apple Pay, you can use the new Apple Card anywhere around the world.

    How does the Apple Card works?

    Originally, the Apple Wallet can use by adding your credit cards into the app. Now, you can add Apple Card into your Apple Wallet app and it manages all the transaction details on your iPhone. You don’t have to go to the bank to apply for your credit card. You can do it directly on your phone. Once it is approved Apple will send the brand new titanium card to your house.

    With the new Apple Card tracking your transactions will be super easy. You can use your iPhone Wallet app to view the transaction amount, the name of the merchant and additionally the location of the payment. This means if you ever forgot your transaction you can remember it by looking at the locations of the outlet. Moreover, each of your transactions is listed as categories. You can keep track of how have you spend on your foods.

    Apart from that, the new Apple Wallet app, you will have a beautiful interface to view your account summary. This includes you can even check how you owe and also how much have you spent. All the other credit cards will offer you credit card points but Apple Card offers you Daily Cash. What is it mean by Daily Cash?

    Daily Cash

    Daily Cash is a method of Apple rewarding its users by giving cash backs. If you use your Apple Card to make a transaction with Apple then you are eligible to receive 3% cash back. At the same time, any transaction done via Apple Pay you are eligible to receive 2% cash back. Transactions made using the the physical card it self will get you 1% cash back.

    The Daily Cash which you receive can be used for your next upcoming transaction. Other than that, you can use the Daily Cash to send it to your own bank account. You can even send it to your family via your iMessage.

    Usually, credit cards consist of four information such as the card number, the expiration, your name, and the CVV code. In the new Apple titanium credit card, you won’t require any of that information except your name. It comes with a sleek Apple logo and your shiny name. The best to use this card is via Safari browser only because it can autofill the virtual card number by itself.

    In conclusion, Apple Card service will be available in the US first this summer. Later this year Apple has a plan to roll out the service up to 40 countries. We hope Malaysia could be one of the countries to get the Apple Card service soon.

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