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Apple agrees to replace third party batteries


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Have you ever been in a situation you had to replace your original iPhone battery with a third party battery? Good news Apple agrees to replace your third-party batteries for a cheaper price.

Based on an internal memo taken by MacRumors, iPhone third-party batteries are now qualified for replacement at Apple’s Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP). Few years back, both this two teams does not allow third-party battery replacement for the iPhone. But now they will do it with a standard fee charged.

Teardown of iPhone XS reveals new, L-shaped battery
Image from Mashable

According to MacRumors, the technicians could replace an entire new iPhone for the price of the battery only if the battery tabs are broken. This is something truly surprising to everyone of us. Imagine getting yourself a new iPhone just because the battery tabs is broken. Since last week Thursday Apple have implemented this guidelines worldwide.

However, this service is only applies for the third-party batteries only. If you change your iPhones logic board, Apple will not ever fix it for you. The technician team will ignore the battery and move on with the normal servicing.

Back in 2017, Apple allowed repairing the iPhone third-party displays. But now things have to change since the #BatteryGate issue flies around. Now Apple has no choice rather than providing this offer to all their loyal iPhone customers.

Raaj Lokanathan
Raaj Lokanathan
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