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    Apple Is Planning To Include More Ads In Your Apple Devices

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    If you remember, a new feature called App Tracking Transparency (ATT) was introduced last year by Apple and we are all grateful for it since we have more control over whether third-party apps can track our devices across apps and websites and we know Apple is all about taking care its users’ privacy and whatnot. 

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    But, bringing ATT forward may open a new opportunity for the tech giant to expand its own advertising business. This assumption may not be far from the truth though. Recently, a trusted Apple insider, Mark Guzman reports that Apple has internally tested search ads in Maps, in which paid recommendations will appear when users search for restaurants or stores. 

    At the moment, display ads are currently visible in the Suggested panel of the App Store’s search tab. Apple will also soon add advertisements to the main Today tab and third-party app download pages. 

    Not only that, but the company may also include ads on its Podcasts and Books apps by allowing publishers to place ads in specific areas within each app or pay to have their content appear higher in search results. Guzman said that publishers have long been able to sell books within the Apple Books app, and podcast subscriptions could be linked to advertising as well.

    Although there is no official confirmation on this matter from Apple’s side, it will not be much of a  surprise if the company actually goes forward with the plan with most big companies starting to employ the same ads strategy in their business. 

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