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    Google Launches Android 13, Now Available For Pixel Phones

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    Google started to roll out the new Android 13 which is now available for download for Pixel devices. Based on the blog post, it seems that Android 13 mainly focuses on personalization, security and syncing of users’ devices.  


    Sameer Samat, the VP of Product Management for Android and Google Play shared 13 exciting features for the users. Some of them include the customization of the non-Google apps that can be adjusted to match the user’s phone wallpaper theme and colours. The updated media player changes its appearance automatically based on the music or podcast users are listening to. Other than that, an interesting and top request feature is also added where users can assign specific languages to individual apps that allow them to keep their phone’s system in one language while using a different language for each of their apps.


    In terms of security and privacy, users are able to choose only specific photos or videos that the apps on their phone can access, instead of a whole media library. Furthermore,  Android will automatically clear your clipboard history which contains sensitive data such as your email address, phone number, or login credentials on the device from time to time. The new OS also enables users to have more control over the notifications. Instead of being allowed to send notifications by default, the apps you download will now require your specific consent to do so.

    Excitingly, Android now officially supports Spatial Audio and head tracking (if your headphones support that feature). For your information, Spatial Audio adapts the sound source to how you turn your head, providing a more immersive listening experience on your Android phone or tablet. Android 13 also supports Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio which will improve the audio quality across multiple devices.

    For those who refuse to alternate between phone and laptop to reply to messages, the messaging apps will be streamed directly to users’ Chromebook, allowing them to send and receive messages from their laptops. In addition, to enhance the multitasking experience, the newly updated taskbar on tablets allows users to see all of their apps and easily drag and drop any app into split-screen mode.

    If you don’t use a Pixel device, don’t worry because Google also announced that the latest Android OS update will be available to other Android devices by the end of this year.

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