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    AirAsia launches facial recognition boarding system

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    Countries such as Australia and the US has its own facial recognition boarding system at the airports. In Malaysia, it is very difficult to travel because we have to go across multiple checking before boarding the flight. Today AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandes announces AirAsia is going to make your travel experience less stressful by launching its own facial recognition system called FACES. This means sooner you can start to use your face to replace your boarding pass.

    AirAsia has integrated the Fast Airport Clearance Experience System (FACES) feature into its AirAsia official app. Tony Fernandes who is the CEO of AirAsia says you can start to register your face on its app. The registration process is very simple. First, you have to go to your profile page. Then you should tao on the “My FACES”. The app will request you to record a short duration video of your face including a copy of your passport. According to AirAsia, you have to the one-time verification before starting to use the feature. Imagine after completing the whole registration process, you can start to walk across the boarding gates without showing your boarding pass.

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    AirAsia is planning to roll out this feature slowly throughout Malaysia airports. For now, this feature will be available only at Senai Airport in Johor. According to AirAsia, it is proven the FACES feature will speed up your boarding process by at least 78%. However, for now, this feature can only be used by adults age above 18 onwards. If you need to know more about the FACES feature, you can visit AirAsia FAQ page.

    In conclusion, later this year, we can start to expect AirAsia to roll the FACES feature at all airports throughout Malaysia. We believe by having this feature, boarding into flights will be a piece of mind only.

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