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    Hackers expose 9M EasyJet customers details online

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    During this global pandemic COVID-19, hackers have been hunting for their preys. Especially, this has been the best time for scammers to scam people. The most recent hacking happened to a British airline, EasyJet.

    According to Bloomberg, hackers have exposed 9 million EasyJet customers personal details online. Since this is a British airline, probably people in the Asia region might not have to worry about this hack. However, the people in the UK should be really worried about this hack. Because you could be one of the victims too. EasyJet has also confirmed this news in a statement.

    EasyJet will contact the affected victims

    In the statement EasyJet also confirms that it has already closed off all the unauthorized access. In the meantime, the airline company has already engage with leading forensic expert to investigate on this issue. Part of the customer details are their names and also their credit card details. However, the airline company have reported that 2,208 credit card details have been accessed.

    EasyJet has started to contact each of the affected victims. If you haven’t received any calls from EasyJet, which means your details were not exposed. In its statement, the airline company have told that it should be contacting its 9 million customers latest by 26th May 2020. As for now, none of the customer’s information has been misused.

    According to EasyJet CEO, Johan Lundgren, he has advised its customers to be extra cautious if they receive any emails claiming to be from EasyJet or EasyJet Holidays. Especially as we said during this pandemic COVID-19, hackers will be trying to scam people. Since now, hackers have already access 9 million victim details, there are chances for hackers to send fake emails. The EasyJet CEO also have apologized for what have happened in the statement.

    In conclusion, we have to take extra measures to be careful. If you are one of the victim then our advice to you all would be to immediately change your email accounts passwords. It is also advisable to change your passwords every 90 days.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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