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    YouTube Music gets a new feature which Spotify has it

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    YouTube Music might still be new in Malaysia but its a popular music streaming app in North America. YouTube Music app is still new and now YouTube is rolling new features to the YouTube Music app. Don’t be surprised because YouTube Music will have the feature which Spotify already has it previously.

    YouTube Music will now have its own personalized playlists. This is something Spotify has it long time ago itself. If you have used Spotify before, you might have noticed there should be a tab called Discover Weekly. That’s the same feature YouTube Music has now. YouTube is calling it as Discover Mix. Using YouTube’s Discover Mix, you can browse through to some of the new songs which you might not have known. If Spotify ‘s Discover Weekly updates 30 tracks every Monday, YouTube is going a step further where it updates 50 songs every Wednesday.

    The other feature YouTube is rolling out is the New Release Mix. The New Release Mix features all the latest songs from your favourite artists. This is the similar feature which Spotify called it as Release Radar playlist. When it comes to Friday, Spotify updates its Release Radar playlist. Whereas, fro YouTube Music, the playlist will be updated every week. Even mid-weeks as well YouTube will be updating the playlist. This is something personal, I am looking forward to it. Before the release itself, few users have already tried both the Discover Mix and New Release Mix.

    Besides that, YouTube is also rolling out the Your Mix playlist feature to its YouTube Music app. By the name itself you should have to know what is this feature is all about. Ultimately, when you install the YouTube Music app, it will request you to select a few of your favourite artist. Now, YouTube will let you know what song you should listen to your favourite artists. Apart from that, the more you use the YouTube Music app, YouTube can give more personalized suggestions to you.

    In conclusion, very soon you should be able to check out these new features in the YouTube Music app. Soon we will be writing a comparison article between, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. Don’t forget to check that out. I will share the link once we finish writing it. For more information visit the official YouTube Music blog.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    Raaj Lokanathan
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