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    After Malaysia Vivo is ranked as the top 5 smartphones manufacturer in the global market

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    Market share has always been the most controversial topic among smartphone industries, and it is also something consumers eager to pay attention to.  According to the recent global smartphone shipments report for the fourth quarter in 2019 conducted by Counterpoint, Vivo has demonstrated an outstanding performance among others in the 5G smartphones competition.

    In Q4 2019, Vivo has managed to achieve the fifth-highest global smartphone shipments – becoming the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer among the global mobile phone brands. Based on the report, Vivo has relies on its outstanding performance in the Indian market to obtain the second outstanding performance among the global brand in Q4 in 2019.

    Due to the sudden decline in enthusiasm for changing phones and the saturation of excess products, a number of mobile phone brands have been forced to close down. While the smartphone industry is facing a hard-time, Vivo has improved year by year in the industry and has maintained a momentum of growth. It is indeed amazing news that Vivo has ranked as one of the top 5 global mobile phone manufacturers in the market. 

    In recent years, Vivo has pioneered new forms of pop cameras, in-display fingerprints, and full-screen display with minimal bezels, all innovation made have conquered the smartphone industry and have repeatedly become role models for flagship smartphones.

    As for 5G technology, Vivo has joined the International Mobile Telecommunications Standards Organization (3GPP) and has actively participated in the 5G standardisation customisation. As of today, Vivo has accumulatively applied for more than 2000 5G invention patents and submitted more than 3300 5G proposals to 3GPP, Vivo has managed to be one of the largest and most influential terminal companies for 5G technology in 3GPP.

    In 2019, Vivo has launched a new sub-brand, iQOO, served to target the high-end market. With excellent performance and the ultimate cost performance, it has repeatedly captured the consumer demand for the younger audience, increasing users’ favour and recognition of the Vivo brand, which is more conducive in solidifying the domestic market advantage.

    In the development of overseas markets, Vivo has established a factory in India and completed the localization development process. At the same time, Vivo is also the first manufacturer to introduce under-screen fingerprints and pop-up camera phones into the Indian market.

    Thanks to many factors such as 5G core technology research and development, image interactive upgrades, and in-depth development of the international market, Vivo has invested heavily in innovative technology research and development, and also actively promoted product performance to drive market change and has managed to achieve all fruitful outcome in the year of 2019. Since the beginning of 2020, Vivo has better grasped the timing of this 4G to 5G transition and has launched a variety of 5G mobile phones such as iQOO 3 and Vivo Z6, as well as the upcoming NEX 3S flagship models, forming a full-price segment covered Vivo 5G fleet.

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