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    Uber chooses Melbourne city for its Uber Air service test flight

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    When drone was launched as a flying remote control device, none of us might have imagine how the future will be changing. A few months back, Uber confirms it will be launching is first flying taxi service in 2025. The latest update we have now is, Uber is choosing Melbourne as the first city outside of the Unites States for its Uber Air service test flight program.

    Previously, Uber only plans to start its test flight service in Dallas and Los Angeles only. According to The Guardian, air transport service will be carrying passengers from rooftop to rooftop landing pads which are called as Skyports. This whole transport service is int the price of UberX.

    As for now, we can confirm Uber will be launching its first test flights next year in these cities. Uber will be starting to roll out its commercial Uber Air flying taxis on 2023 which two years earlier than its previous comment. The Uber Air service will be using completely electric vertical take off (eVTOL) which shown as in the video below. Uber users can request this service via the normal Uber app.

    One of the Uber spokesman told the Guardian that, the usual journey from the CBD to Melbourne airport will take around 25 minutes to 1 hours depending on the traffic. However, by using the Uber Air service, the journey will take roughly around 10 minutes only.

    In conclusion, in another four years time, we can start using this flying taxi service in these four cities. In case you travel to these cities in the coming future, you might get the chance to try Uber Air service.

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