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    Twitter Bitcoin scam hacker convicted for hacking Twitter


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    Hacking is one of the most difficult activity in this 20th century. However, back in July 2020, a group of hackers have hacked Twitter. The worst part is, they have hacked verified Twitter accounts. Finally after almost a year, the hackers has been arrested and put into prison.

    A few teenagers has taken their chance to hack into Twitter and send tweets from verified accounts. For example, Apple, Elon Musk and Barrack Obama official Twitter account was hacked by them. They tweeted a Bitcoin scam tweet which makes people to donate Bitcoins to them. According to sources, the teenager groups have gained more than $100,00 in forms of Bitcoins.

    Currently, the authorities have arrested the main culprit behind the attack. His name is Graham Ivan Clark from Florida, who is just 18-years old now. Besides that, the police have also arrested two of his accomplice Nima Fazeli from Orlando and Mason Sheppard from the United Kingdom.

    All of them are pleaded guilty and sentenced to a 10-years prison sentence. However, due to his age, Clark was given a three-year prison sentence. He might have to serve some of his time in a military-style boot camp. According to State Attorney Andrew Warren, the main purpose of giving the punishment is to show the consequences they have to face as a teenager. At the same time, they must learn their lesson without destroying their future in the prison.

    In conclusion, through this verdict, it will clearly be seen that even though it is a teenager, the punishment will be similar to adults. However, the jail sentence will be reduced and server their remaining time in a military-style boot camp.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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