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    Setel Introduces Its New ‘One-Tap Fuelling’ Feature; Limited To 1,000 Users

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    Setel’s new ‘One-Tap Fuelling’ feature allows users to start the gas pump with a single smartphone tap.

    Previously, users have to select the pump number, fill in the quantity and enter a passcode. But, with this feature, users can set the quantity of petrol they want to fill and the payment method (Setel Wallet/Smartpay) in ‘Preferences’ in the application settings before going to the petrol station. 

    Then, when you get to the gas station, you just have to select the pump number since the quantity and payment method will be determined by the choices you made before. You are also not required to enter a passcode.

    Image: Setel

    How To Refuel With One-Tap Fuelling

    1. Arrive at the station and select the pump number
    2. Place order. You have 3 seconds to cancel the order if needed.
    3. Connecting to your pump
    4. Start refuelling now
    Image: Wiser

    For your information, the payment methods still do not support payment via CardTerus (credit or debit card). But, according to Setel’s FAQ, this ‘One-Tap Fuelling’ feature is working only on mobile phones and will come to the Apple Watch soon. 

    For now, the feature is limited to the first 1,000 registered Setel users nationwide and will be expanded gradually over the next 2 months. For those interested in getting early access, you can upload a picture of ‘Dah Setel So Far’ to Instagram Story or Twitter with the hashtag #SetelOneTapFuelling.

    Image: Wiser

    Furthermore, from today until 4 October 2022, Setel users will stand a chance to win a limited edition gift box by Setel when they upload their most creative video on Instagram or Twitter showing their experience using the ‘One-Tap Fuelling’ function and include the tagging @setel and hashtag #SetOneTapFuelling. 

    If you want to know more about it and keep up with the latest updates, visit Setel’s official website

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