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Saregama India is out of Spotify

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One of the world-famous music streaming service Spotify arrives in India last month. Upon its arrival, other streaming services such as JioSaavn, Gaana and Apple Music has cut down its subscription price. Recently, we are hearing there is a problem between Spotify and Saregama India. Saregama is one of India’s oldest record labels.

The main reason Spotify is removing all the songs belongs to Saregama because Saregama fails to agree to the licensing terms provided by Spotify. In conjunction to that, Saregama India Ltd has filed a petition at the Delhi High Court seeking Spotify to stop using its song in the Spotify app. From the court document, we can understand Spotify has 10 days to remove all Saregama songs from its app.

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According to Spotify, within a week launching Spotify in India, it has already reached up to 1 million users who are free and premium users. In order to use the premium service, users will just have to 119 rupees (RM 7) per month only.

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