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    Pre-order Galaxy S20+ and get Galaxy Buds+ free


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    February is just around the corner and Samsung has already revealed the launch date of its upcoming smartphone, Galaxy S20. Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S20 on 11th of February which will takes place in San Francisco. At the same time, we are also hearing rumours saying that Samsung could be introducing its next-generation wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds+.

    Surprisingly, before the launch itself, our serial leakster @evleaks claims that Samsung will be giving away the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for free when you pre-order its latest Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra. This promotion is only valid during the pre-order period. If you miss this opportunity then you might need to buy the Galaxy Buds+ separately. @evleaks has even share us the photo of the promotion from Samsung.

    We know that this is just a picture only. But, from the leaked picture above, it seems pretty convincing. The design of the Galaxy Buds+ looks almost similar to the current Galaxy Buds. We are not sure what are the newly added features for the Galaxy Buds+ but we are looking forward to hearing it from Samsung itself on 11th February. However, rumours say that Samsung is not including the active noise cancellation feature for the Galaxy Buds+.

    Samsung Galaxy S20: 100x Space Zoom

    For the pricing wise, we are expecting Samsung Malaysia to keep the Galaxy Buds+ price at within RM600. This is because the current Galaxy Buds is retailing at RM499. If Samsung wants to sell for a higher price, RM600 could be the maximum expected price for the Galaxy Buds+.

    Besides the Galaxy Buds+, we also got to know that the Galaxy S20 will be upgrading its camera system. From the promotion picture above, it seems like Samsung is adding a new feature called Space Zoom. From the picture, we know that you can take space photography by zooming up to 100x Space Zoom.

    Well, that’s all we have for now. We will update you all once Samsung reveals both the Galaxy S20 and also the Galaxy Buds+ very soon. Stay tuned for more updates from us.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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