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    The PiP feature in the iOS YouTube app is finally here!

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    Throughout the years, we have witnessed the release of countless iOS updates and features. Trust me, they are all cool but there is one feature that we didn’t know we need until it was there. The Picture in Picture (PiP) for the YouTube app.

     It sounds mundane for some people but for others, it is such an anticipated update, especially for multitaskers. We would love to watch some videos while browsing for information, all at the same time right? Moreover, PiP in iOS is not new as you might have an access to the mode if you are browsing the YouTube videos on Safari but it does seem a little bit troublesome

    Back in June, the PiP was already been made available to Premium users of iPhone and iPad in the US. Recently, YouTube unveiled that PiP is now rolling out (slowly but surely) to iPhone and iPad devices (running iOS and iPadOS 15.0 or higher). The PiP feature allows you to play the video in a moveable mini-player while browsing through other apps. 

    But, as usual, a good thing always comes with a price.

    The PiP is available to be used for free using the YouTube app on iPhone or iPad but only if you live in the US. As a non-premium subscriber, PiP mode only works for non-music content. On the other hand, PiP will be available globally for Premium subscribers and you will also get the mode for music content. 

    If your device is eligible for this feature, you can try it out by testing it out! Try playing the videos while browsing other apps. To check the PiP status on your device, go to Settings > General and then check for a toggle with the label “Picture-in-picture”. 

    Have fun playing around with the feature! Now you can multitask better. 

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