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    One of Apple Card feature comes to GrabPay Card


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    Grab has been introducing many features this whole year. Again the most famous e-hailing company is diving into the digital payments industry. For the first time in Asia, Grab is unveiling its own numberless GrabPay Card. After Apple unveiled the Apple Card, Grab is the second company to venture into the numberless card.

    For the GrabPay Card, Grab has revealed that it will be partnering with Mastercard. The reason is Mastercard is recognized and accepted worldwide comparing to Visa. Grab is very much focussed on moving towards the cashless ecosystem. Singapore will be the first South-East Asia country to use the GrabPay Card. According to Grab, the physical sleek greenish card will be rolled out in batches.

    Grab has also revealed that after Singapore, GrabPay Card will be rolled out in Philipines in Q1 of 2020. we are guessing Malaysians will need to wait until Q3 2020 to receive this feature. By having the GrabPay Card, you don’t really need to have a credit card or a bank account under your name. This GrabPay Mastercard will support over 53 millions merchants worldwide.

    What are the GrabPay Card features?

    As we said previously, it’s numberless. But what is the benefit of having a numberless card? It’s very simple logic, what can’t be seen, can’t be stolen. Now you should have some idea. When the card is numberless, its hard for hackers to hack it and people can’t use it only if it’s you then you can use it. That’s the same concept Apple brought up when it unveiled the Apple Card. So, you can say this type of card is very much secure.

    Besides that, it even has additional securities such as in-app lock where you can protect the view of the card from the app by having a PIN code. In case your GrabPay Card is stolen, you can immediately suspend it. We are guessing moving forward, the other bank’s credit cards are going to be numberless too. There is an additional layer of protection for you when you use the card online.

    Who doesn’t wants free rewards? By just using the GrabPay Card, you can earn GrabPay reward points when you use the Grab services. Apart from that, you can even earn the GrabPay reward points by using at any of the Mastercard merchants worldwide too. However, Grab is running a promotion where Grab will be offering you 10X GrabRewards points for each dollar you spent on your both services and purchases.

    Some of the additional features you can get from the GrabPay Card is mobile protection insurance, e-commerce protection and flight delay passes. For the mobile protection, you might need to pay your phone bill using the GrabPay Card first and then you will be eligible for the mobile protection insurance. Whereas for the e-commerce protection, Grab provides you with the coverage for the items if the item is defective, no delivery is made. Do note there are terms and conditions apply. If your flight is delayed, Grab offers you complimentary access to over 1000 airport lounges in 100 countries. Do note that, the flight delay should be at least two hours.

    How to sign up for the GrabPay Card?

    The signup process is very simple, you have to be living in Singapore first of all. You can directly apply for the GrabPay Card from the Grab app. A short verification process needed to be done before activating your digital GrabPay Card. Once that is verified, you can link it to your GrabPay balance in your wallet. That’s it you are done.

    To find out more about GrabPay Card click here.

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