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    [UPDATE] Maxis Home Fibre faces service disruption

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    Last week Sunday, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram faces hours of service outages. Apart from that, we got to know Maxis also is having service disruption for its Maxis Home Fibre service on the same day. Maxis sent out an official announcement that the issue is resolved.

    Some of our customers may have experienced some disruption to their home fibre 
    services. We have been working with our access provider to resolve this and
    we are pleased to inform that services are now recovering. We would like to
    apologise to those impacted for the inconvenience.

    However, users are still complaining about the network issue on its Facebook and Twitter page stating that they are still not able to access the internet. After that, Maxis did not give any explanation on the current service disruption until today. According to Lowyat, few customers who call the Maxis Customer Service careline were told that Maxis might require 48 hours to fix this issue. This is still just the expected duration only.

    User complaints from Twitter

    TechmonQuay will update once there are any updates from Maxis side. As for now, all Maxis OnePrime customers are also facing service disruption. Stay tuned for more updates on this issue.

    UPDATE – Maxis has fully restored the service. Users will be able to access to their internet and IPTV now.

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