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    Maxis brings fibre connectivity to Ideal Property Group’s residential and commercial developments

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    Maxis is going to provide better internet and deals to 12000 homes and businesses in Penang. They will be one of the main providers of two commercial developments. Maxis has been growing steadily with its fiber connections.

    Maxis and Ideal Property Group are working together to bring high-speed internet to homes and businesses in Penang. Maxis will use its fiber infrastructure to provide fast and reliable internet service. The partnership will benefit mixed developments in Penang Island and Butterworth. Customers can expect attractive fiber packages and a superior internet experience.

    Maxis has agreed to create and install the telecommunications infrastructure for 12 commercial and residential projects. These projects include 12000 business premises and homes. Maxis has been working with property developers in Malaysia to provide fast internet and connectivity solutions.

    Maxis is a company that provides internet and connectivity services. They are happy to work with Ideal Property Group. Maxis has its network and can offer good deals. This partnership can bring more digital services to homes and businesses.

    Maxis will provide an internet connection to commercial developments like Penang Technology Park and Penang International Exchange 1 & 2. They have been growing their fiber network for homes and businesses, with 669k home connections as of FY2022. Maxis aims to expand its fiber network to underserved areas and offer a wide range of connectivity solutions for businesses. This will enable the possibility of smart solutions applications for various industries in the future. For more information about Maxis Fibre, visit their website.

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