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Luno officially ‘relaunched’ in Malaysia after 2 years

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Back in 2017, the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has officially banned Luno to operate in Malaysia. The BNM has officially frozen the BiTX official account. This is the account the users use to transfer their money before purchasing a cryptocurrency. Finally, Luno has been given the approval to operate in Malaysia by the Securities Commission.

Upon receiving the approval, Luno has officially “relaunched” in Malaysia once again. According to the CEO of the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation, Surina Shukri, Luno is the first company to receive approval to operate in Malaysia. She has even congratulated Luno for it.

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According to CEO of Luno, Marcus Swanepoel, by working with its clients, Luno is aiming to make sure that their customers can safely buy, sell and store Bitcoin and Ethereum which is approved by the Security Commissions (SC). The Regulators have provided a sufficient standard to protect companies funds and customers.

If you are planning to earn some money via cryptocurrency, you can confidently download Luno app now for both iOS and Android devices. There is also a desktop version which you can access it from here.

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