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Lazada Mid-Year Festival Sales starts next week 12th July

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Are you planning to buy something from Lazada today or tomorrow? We think it is better for you to hold your horses until July 12. This is because starting next week on 12th July, Lazada Mid-Year Festival Sales starts nationwide. This means tons of offers and promotions is coming on your way.

During the event day itself, there will be a lot of products which will be sold at the lowest price. Lazada says it’s pretty much confident that they will be providing “Lowest Price Guarantee” on the products in the LazMall. Brands such as Apple are selling iPhone XR 128GB for RM3,299 on 12th July at 12 AM to 2 AM. There are a lot of other brands where you can find from the LazMall page here.

According to Lazada, it will pay the users “two times the difference” if the user spots any identical and non-promotional products in a different online store which sells for a cheaper price. They should let Lazada know about it and Lazada will pay you twice the difference.

Other than that, Lazada is also organizing a few events such as “Chup Dulu” and “Guess It”. From now until 11th July, Lazada will be organizing these events daily. Chup Dulu is a famous word in Malaysia where those days kids used to say it to wait or reserve something. For the “Chup Dulu” event, Lazada allows you to reserve selected items by paying deposit only. However, there is a catch in it where the deposit which you pay to reserve the items will not be refunded. This can be done via the Lazada app. On the 12th July, you can pay the remaining money to purchase the items you have reserved and Lazada will be shipping the items to your doorsteps.

The other event Lazada organizes during the Lazada Mid-Year Festival Sale is the GUESS IT livestream game. It is a game where anyone with the Lazada app can participate easily. This game show will be running from now onwards until 12th July. Earning rewards is very simple because you just have to guess the price of the products which shows during the game show everyday. The event starts everyday at 12 PM, 1 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM and 10 PM.

In conclusion, looks like 12th July until 6th July is the week of online shopping events. On the 15th of July, Amazon also will be having the world biggest shopping ever called “Amazon Prime Day”. Lazada is expecting to see a traffic surge during this mega sale event.

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