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    How to watch Apple iPhone launch event


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    Its time for Apple to launch its next-generation iPhones. After so many rumours, finally, Apple has revealed its launch event date last week. We are sure many of the Apple fans would be waiting for the launch of iPhone 11. As usual, Apple will be doing its live streaming event, where you can watch it directly from your country. Here’s how you can watch today’s Apple Event live.

    Apple Website

    The first option is via Apple’s official website. During the previous events, Apple requires its users to have iOS device in order to watch the live event. However, now, as long you have a latest version of Chrome or Firefox browser, you should be able to watch it without any issues.

    Apple TV

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    We know some of you want to watch the event from your TV itself. Yes, you can do it but Apple requires you to have the Apple TV box. From the Apple TV, you need to download the Apple Events app to watch the live streaming of the event.


    For the first time ever, Apple will be streaming the event live on its official YouTube channel. Usually, Samsung is the one always streams its event live on YouTube. With this viewing option, MKBHD predicted there could 1,000,000 people watching the live event today.

    TechmonQuay Live Blog

    And finally, don’t forget we have our TechmonQuay live event page too. We will be doing our live coverage of the event on our website. Feel free to join the live blog session. The official event kicks off at 10 AM PDT time which in Malaysia should be around 1 AM. We will start our live blog session from 12 AM onwards.

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