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Honor reveals a perfect AirPods Pro clone, Magic Earbuds

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Despite the Mobile World Congress being cancelled, Honor insists to continue its launch event in Barcelona. Apart from Honor, Huawei and Vivo also will be there to reveal their new lineups of products. Honor has unveiled its new products which include the new Magic Earbuds.

The first time, when we saw Honor unveils the Magic Earbuds, the first thing strike to our mind was, is this the AirPods Pro clone? One of the reasons we say so is because of the design which is in the combination of the Airpods and AirPods Pro. The stem looks like the AirPods and the ear tip looks like AirPods Pro.

A perfect clone of AirPods Pro

Besides that, the new AirPods Pro clone also comes with a hybrid active noise cancellation feature. However, we are not sure whether does the Magic Earbuds have a similar force sensor to turn on or off the active noise cancellation feature. But from the launch event, it looks like the active noise cancellation is always on.

For music lovers, surely they can enjoy listening using the Magic Earbuds because of the 10mm driver unit for the speakers. This means you can enjoy listening to songs with high-quality bass. There are also three microphones in the Magic Earbuds which is used to provide clearer voice clarity.

For the battery wise, the Magic Earbuds charges via the USB-C. You can fully charge the earbuds for 1.5 hours which allows you to listen to songs continuously for at least 3.5 hours. It also comes with the charging case which can provide a total of 13 hours of music playback.

Overall the Magic Earbuds comes in two colours, Pearl White and Robin Egg Blue. Currently, the Honor Magic Earbuds are priced at EUR129 (RM600). According to Honor, the Magic Earbuds will start to be available elsewhere in April 2020.

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