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    Grab signs memorandum with Volocopter to test air taxis

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    Flying taxis are the future mode of transportation for everyone. There is a high possibility that in the next 10 years we can start to expect heavy air traffic. Malaysia’s most famous e-hailing service, Grab has officially signed a memorandum with Volocopter to test air taxis.

    Volocopter is a German company which is aimed to provide flying taxi service to everyone. Back in 2019, Grab has rolled out many features such as GrabFood, GrabBike, and also GrabCard. Now, with their new venture into air taxis Grab business is going to the next level. During the CES2018, Volocopter has shown off the prototype of its air taxis.

    According to Volocopter, its aim to solve land traffic issues. Previously, Volocopter has done its test flight in Singapore and Europe. As of now, it is still in the prototype stage so Volocopter says that there is a lot of issues to fix before flying it commercially. In order to realize the air taxis, Volocopter has to build the landing pad at either open areas or high rise building. Temporarily, it uses the VoloPort as its landing pad to land the Volocopter.

    With Grab signing the memorandum with Volocopter, soon we can expect air taxis in South East Asia countries. This includes Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. If you are leaving in these countries, then probably you might already know that daily thousand of people are travelling using Grab car.

    In conclusion, air taxis are the future of transportation. In order to try the air taxis in Malaysia, you might need to wait longer until Grab officially announces this new service. Besides Grab, Uber is also working with Volovopter to launch the air taxis in North America. For more information, visit the Volocopter website to understand more on the air taxis.

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