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The world’s tech giant unveiled the most advanced feature it ever created last year. Its called Google Duplex. Technically, what it does is, it let your google personal assistant to make calls for you on your behalf. When we say make calls, I am sure some of you might be thinking this is not true. After that, Google made its progress and launched the features on March this year.

At the moment this feature is available only at 43 states at the United States of America. According to Google, they are planning to bring Duplex to more Android devices soon. Google also have planned to release the Google Duplex to the iPhone soon.

Based on its blog, Google has told that Google Duplex will be available on the Pixel phones in more states. Google has planned to bring this feature to more Android and iOS devices soon.

Many of you might be thinking of what Duplex does? Imagine your own personal assistant. It’s not like Siri or Bixby kind of technology. This is way too advance. It actually, allows you to make reservations without talking to the restaurant. First it makes the phone call and then does the reservation.Once it is successful, you will receive a notification on your phone and a calendar invite too.

As the user, you just have to say the following line to book a restaurant reservation. “Book a table of four people at [restaurant name] tomorrow night.” The moment you say this, the magic happens. Watch the video below to watch Google Duplex in action.

For security purpose, whenever the Google Duplex makes a call it will first identify itself. After the same moment, it records the phone calls to your phone. We are eagerly waiting too to get our hands on this super cool feature.


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