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    No more autoplay videos on Mozilla Firefox

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    Mozilla announces the new version of Firefox browser which is Firefox 66. The main feature which could be interesting is the blocking of autoplay videos with sound. This feature does not apply to all videos. Those videos such as in YouTube or Netflix won’t be affected. Mozilla will be blocking only specific videos. This means when you are watching a video on YouTube, it will autoplay the video by default.

    Google has implemented this feature almost a year ago. As for the Chrome browser, you have to navigate to the setting to enable the feature. However, in Firefox it’s not the same. You don’t have to do it manually. Moreover, you can unblock a certain website which you don’t wish the feature to be used.

    Other than that, this feature also might interest you to update your browser to Firefox 66. There is a new search box which allows you to find the open tabs easily. This feature is very useful if you have more than 20 tabs are open at the same time. Additionally, Firefox also now supports the MacOS touch bar. This means Mac OS users can use the touch bar to use certain functions. The new Firefox 66 can be downloaded from here.

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