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    Here’s everything about Huawei ban and the “Entity List”

    For this past two weeks, the topic which a lot of you might be searching on Google is probably "Huawei ban" and also the "Entity List". During the lunch break, we saw...

    It’s time for China to take revenge on the United States

    The United States listed Huawei Technologies in its Entity List a few weeks ago. Later on, a lot of US tech companies started to back off from Huawei. The first one was...

    Accidentally purchased apps will be refunded by Google and Apple

    Have you ever purchase an app mistakenly or you might purchase the app and didn't use it all not even once?. Sometimes, we might tend to browse...

    A new app from Samsung which is very useful

    It is the most common thing to see phone companies such as Apple and Samsung are always releasing their smartphone with the larger screen display. Previously, Apple had released a feature called...

    Google releases new feature for Gmail Android

    Google rolled out the Gmail Smart Compose feature to all Android smartphones. This feature was rolled out on March 7. If you are still thinking what is the Smart Compose feature is...

    Huawei starts to invite Android developers to upload their apps on the AppGallery

    It has been one month since the United States government add Huawei into its Entity List. Google is the first tech company to stop providing software and security update. A few days...

    Huawei to launch its own OS by end of this year

    Last week Huawei faces the worst time ever since the US government blocks Huawei from doing business with the US tech companies. Later, the US government provides a temporary license for Huawei...

    [UPDATE] Spotify Lite arrives in Malaysia after Indonesia

    - Today, Spotify officially launches Spotify Lite globally. Previously, it launches the Spotify Lite app in few countries as a beta version. Now, it is available in 36 markets around Asia,...

    [UPDATE] – Realme will be announcing the world’s first 64MP quad-camera smartphone

    - Realme has shared us a glimpse of tomorrow's camera innovation event. Take look at the photos taken with the 64MP quad-camera.

    Over 1000 Google Assistant recordings leaked

    Some say Google is the next Skynet and some say Google is the future that could harm us. We can't say either is the truth, but we feel, Google is really scary...