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    Astro launches Ultra Plug & Play Box

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    At this moment of the pandemic, most of us are staying at home and watching movies and tv shows on Astro. The worst thing is when we are watching some good movies, that’s when Astro gets service interruption due to the bad weather. Finally, today Astro has officially solved this major problem by introducing the Astro Ultra Plug & Play Box.

    With this box, you don’t need to install the big satellite dish on top of your house. Instead, you can simply plug and play the Astro Ultra Box. All you need to get the Ultra Plug & Play Box to work is a stable internet connection. According to Astro, the required internet connection you should use is at least 30Mbps. However, the most recommended internet connection is 100Mbps and above. If your internet connection is lesser than the required speed, then you might experience some buffering or lower video quality while watching your favourite tv shows or movies.

    How to get the Astro Ultra Plug & Play Box?

    Getting this small box is super simple. All you need to do is, either contact the Astro retailer or subscribe directly from the Astro website. From there you can login to manage your account and subscribe to your preferred Astro package. Then under the installation method, you need to select Plug & Play option.

    Do note that nothing comes for free, even if you are an existing Astro customer. If you are an existing Astro customer, then you just need to pay the activation fee. That depends on your current monthly Astro subscription price. Astro charges you RM49 if your current Astro subscription package is lesser than RM100. Unless you are having the expensive Astro package then you will be eligible to get the Astro Ultra Plug & Play Box for free.

    At the same time, the charges are higher if you are a new customer to Astro. In that case, you need to pay RM59 for the activation fee. Moreover, Astro is also giving you the option to let the installer come to your house to install it for you. If you are willing to pay more, then you may proceed with that option. But personally, we think it is super easy to setup this Astro Ultra Plug & Play Box.

    In conclusion, this is something super interesting from Astro to include a new product lineup which is really useful. If you have more doubts regarding the Astro Ultra Plug & Play Box, then visit the Astro FAQ page for more information.

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    Raaj Lokanathan
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