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    Premier League launches anti-piracy campaign with Astro


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    To be honest, this year has been a year where tons of people are just staying at home while watching all their favourites movies and tv shows. Not to forget, there are millions of viewers too who are fans of football sport. Especially when it comes to Premier League, people tend to wake up in the early morning to watch their favourite players scoring goals.

    Despite that, there are groups of people who tend to watch football games through online website links. In order to curb this issue, both Premier League and Astro has launched its anti-piracy campaign in Malaysia. This is the second phase of its campaign which is named as “Boot Out Piracy”. In Malaysia, Astro is the main streaming provider for football games. This includes the Premier League, UEFA and also FIFA.

    Your data is at risk!

    The main focus of this campaign is to tell the danger of watching football games illegally. Probably, this is the first question, we should ask you is, have you ever watched any football games illegally? If yes, then you might not know what are the risk you are facing. First of all, those illegal websites with links are more prone to make you the victim of data theft. The reason is, the moment, you clicked on the link, it could be some malicious malware which can then infect your computer and then it can monitor your browsing activity including your banks transactions.

    Besides that, watching football games illegally is not really satisfying either. You wont be getting the best experience as you are watching in the Astro sports channel. Astro provides you 4K video quality without any delays in between. However, in illegal websites, you might face issues such as broken links and delay issues.

    Listen to advice from your favourite football players

    Throughout this campaign, you will be starting to notice your favourite football players such as Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min and Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp will be appearing across all the digital platforms in both Malaysia and Hong Kong. You will be seeing these two taglines most of the time even on the Astro channels.

    “Go for the best”

    “Bring on the best quality”

    According to Premier League association, they have worked closely with Malaysia’s Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) to block illegal websites in Malaysia. Until today, they have blocked 38 most popular websites which offer illegal access to Premier League content. Based on the research done by the SimilarWeb, it is known that there is a huge 66 per cent decrease in visitor traffic to Malaysia’s top 50 pirate websites to watch Premier League football games. This data collected is in between the start of last season until October 2020.

    In conclusion, to those of you who are watching Premier League football games illegally should now know the consequences of watching illegal football games. Your data is at risk. If you are a true football fan then our advice to you is to watch it on the Astro sports channel with high-quality content without any buffers.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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