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    Astro Rolls Out Multi-User Profiles Feature And Other Updates To Viewers

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    1 Astro account. 5 unique profiles. 

    This concept might be familiar if you are a loyal Netflix viewer. But now, Astro has also introduced a similar feature where one Astro account can support up to five different user profiles so that the whole family can get recommendations based on their own preferences. 

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    Interestingly you can personalise your profile with unique avatars from a variety of popular shows like House of the Dragon. Don’t worry, these profiles will be synced across all of your Astro GO devices. Moreover, you can also create individual watch lists and pin your favourite channels. 

    This is quite an upgrade since before this Astro users had to share their recommendations and viewing history with the rest of their household members. Other than that,  you can also tailor the Kids Profiles so your children can discover shows such as Cocomelon.

    Astro has also improved its Search feature, which now refreshes searches instantly after each keyword entry in the search bar. You will be able to scroll through the results without having to switch to a new screen. In addition, another update that you will find is the Thumbnail Viewing. For instance, when watching a video on demand, users can now quickly navigate to specific scenes by previewing them as thumbnails over the progress bar.

    However, these features are only available if you have an Astro Ulti or Ultra Box, or if you use Astro Go. Besides, Astro claims that it has begun rolling out all of these features to customers in phases and that eventually, all customers will have access to them.

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