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    Apple’s new Lockdown Mode: What is it for?

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    Being paranoid over someone hacking onto your devices is understandable and owning Apple’s devices probably soothes that worry a little bit since Apple has always guaranteed their devices to be the most secured. Introducing the new security tool known as Lockdown Mode shows Apple’s continuous effort and commitment to protecting its users’ privacy. The new feature is designed to battle against attempted hacking activities such as the Pegasus malware. This malicious malware is a growing threat to digital security. 

    Most notably, Lockdown Mode will offer maximum protection to Apple’s devices including blocking suspicious attachments and link previews in text messages that contain a hackable web browser. It is also able to block FaceTime calls from someone you don’t know. Another great thing about Lockdown Mode is that it will prevent the devices from accepting accessory connections while the phone is locked. This anticipated feature is already being used by the developers for software tests and will be made available publicly around September or October this year as part of the iOS 16 upgrade. As long as your device is running iOS 16, then you will get to utilize this tool.

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    How To Activate the Lockdown Mode

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    There are several simple steps that you need to follow to activate this feature. Firstly, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Lockdown Mode. Read through the description. Next, tap on Turn on Lockdown Mode, and then hit Turn On & Restart.

    Your iPhone will activate the Lockdown Mode after its restart. To confirm whether the Lockdown is enabled, you can check on Safari and you should be able to see a ‘Lockdown Enabled’ or ‘Lockdown Ready’ written at the top of the page. If it”s there, then you are all set! Now, just let it fight your battle for you.

    If suddenly you decided to turn the mode off, all you need to do is go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Lockdown Mode, tap Turn Off Lockdown Mode, and then hit Turn Off & Restart. Lockdown Mode will be disabled. 

    With this advanced feature, we hope that we are able to use our devices safely. Although the security of apple’s devices is a sure thing, however, it’s better to be safe than sorry right? 

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