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    Apple Watch Series 6 features in two new colours


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    A few weeks ago before Apple announces its product launch event, rumours were circulating around saying that Apple will be unveiling Apple Watch Series 6. Today, Apple officially unveils its next generation Apple Watch. It is the Apple Watch Series 6.

    Blood Oxygen

    The all-new Apple Watch Series 6 comes with tons of great feature which focuses on health. This smartwatch is going to be the future of health. One of the new features in the Apple Watch Series 6 is the Blood Oxygen monitoring feature. Using this feature you can understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen, and the amount of oxygen delivered to your body.

    It’s pretty much simple to use. All you need to do is launch the Blood Oxygen feature and then wait for 15 seconds. Using the blood oxygen sensor the Apple Watch Series 6 shines green, red, and infrared LEDs light onto your blood vessels in your wrist. With the photodiodes, it measures the amount of light reflected back. Advanced algorithms then calculate the colour of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen present.


    Another awaited feature the Series 6 gets is the ECG feature. As you have already know, back in 2019 Apple unveils the ECG feature in the Apple Watch Series 5. But, during that moment, Apple did not unveil this feature globally. Only selected countries able to use the ECG feature. Now, Apple has officially roll out the ECG feature to the Apple Watch Series 6.

    ECG is called an electrocardiogram. Doctors use this feature in order to know about your heart rhythm. With the ECG feature, doctors can easily find whether you have any health issues. To use this feature on the Apple Watch Series 6 is simple. All you need to do is launch the ECG app and then hold your finger onto the digital crown for 30 seconds. Make sure your arm and legs are in a stable position. With this feature, you can easily know about your health in detail.

    Sleep Tracking

    Well, right before Apple unveils the Apple Watch Series 6, other smartwatches brands have already included the sleep tracking feature in their smartwatches. We know it is kind of late for Apple to include this feature in the Apple Watch Series 6. Nevertheless, this could be one of the best features in the Apple Watch Series 6. The only doubt we have on our mind is on when the user needs to charge their smartwatch if they wear their Apple Watch during the night too. This is still unclear for us right now.

    New Design

    Besides thinking of health, another reason we think you should buy the Apple Watch Series 6 is for new colours. The all-new Apple Watch Series 6 comes in two new colours which are Blue and Product Red case. Not even the current nor the previous Apple Watch has these two colours. And by looking at the video, below we can surely say the Blue colour looks sick.

    Therefore, Apple has also added new watch faces for the Apple Watch Series 6. In comparison with the Oppo Watch, Apple needs more time to include AI for creating watch face. But, for now, Apple has added Memoji watch face and a few other watch faces which we find it interesting.

    Apple has also introduced a new watch strap which is called the Solo Loop. The current Apple Watch comes with watch strap which you have a buckle to lock it or unlock it. In this upcoming Watch Series 6, you can easily change to your favourite watch strap based on your hand size.

    Pricing and Availability

    For the pricing price, the Apple Watch Series 6 starts from $399 (approx RM 1648.00). If you are outside of the United States then probably you might need to wait for another a couple of days before ordering the Apple Watch Series 6.

    In conclusion, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the smartwatch which you should purchase it only when you care about your health. The reason is the future of health is located inside your wrist. For more details on the Apple Watch Series 6 visit Apple website.

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