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It’s totally once in a blue moon Apple does its giveaway program. As we are expecting an Apple event soon, Apple does a giveaway program by providing the users some extra cash.

According to MacRumors, Apple will be giving away extra cash when the user transfers money into their Apple ID account. This can be done via debit or credit card only. As for now, this program is only available until March 14. Once you transfer a certain amount of cash into your account, you might get 10 percent of your transferred amount.

So how to get this? Its very simple. You just have to reach your iPhone setting and then tap on the iTunes & App Store button. Then enter your Apple ID which will show you the View Apple ID button. From there onwards, you can directly click on the Add Funds button to view the bonus amount which will be transferred. If you add $10 to your account you should be able to receive $1. If you add $100 then you are eligible to receive $10.

However, when Apple gives extra cash there is a downside too. You can only do this once only. You can add money to your account as usual, but you won’t be getting the bonus amount after you received it once.

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