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    Apple iPhone 11 launch event is happening on 10th September


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    It is the time of the year to witness the iPhone 11 launch. Each year after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Apple will be preparing itself for the launch of its new iPhone event. Today, the trillionaire company has sent out official iPhone 11 launch invitation.

    From the invitation, we got to know that Apple’s iPhone launch event will be happening on September 10. The event will be happening at Steve Jobs Theater at 10 AM PDT. That’s around 1 AM on September 11 Malaysia time. Apple will be doing the live streaming of the launch event on its website.

    By looking at the invitation, Apple has a new tagline for this year iPhone launch as “By innovation only”. Therefore, Apple’s logo also has new multiple bright colours which are Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Purple. From these colours, we are guessing Apple iPhone 11R might come in multiple colours.

    This year, we are expecting Apple to unveil three new iPhone models which is same as the current iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. However, this year Apple could be named the iPhone 11 differently. According to the rumours, there are chances for Apple iPhone 11 as iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. We might need to wait until Apple unveils it on September 10.

    Other than that, Apple will be upgrading the cameras on the new iPhone 11. For the first time, the new iPhone’s will feature a triple-camera setup. On the other side, iPhone 11R will be having a dual-camera setup which is same as the current iPhone XS.

    In conclusion, we will be doing our live blog session during the iPhone launch event. Most probably, after one week, the new iPhone could be going for sale in the US. One or two months later we can expect telco providers to start the pre-order of the new iPhone 11. So guys, if you are planning to get the new iPhone 11 this year, you might need to wait until beginning of November. Stay tuned for our live blog session soon.

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