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    Creating appealing visual contents with DesignCap [GIVEAWAY]

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    Nowadays, the graphic realization of products and services on the web is fundamental from the web agency to the small merchant. No matter what you want to advertise a product on the internet, or just want to amaze your friends with fantasy graphic or make a more attractive profile on social media.

    Among the massive online graphic tool, DesignCap is your great helpers, fun and easy to use, with an intuitive interface that can create fascinating and exciting effects in just a few steps.

    What is DesignCap?

    DesignCap is a web app accessible on the most popular browsers. It is an online graphic editor that offers many solutions for its graphic activities. After logging in, DesignCap will guide you through a very complete menu, offering you all the visual contents that can be completed.

    Price: DesignCap has 3 packages suitable for your needs

    Free plan:

    • Limited templates
    • Limited stock media choices
    • 5 image uploads
    • Save up to 5 designs
    • JPG exports

    Basic Plan ($4.99/ month, $59.88/ year):

    • Unlimited templates
    • Unlimited stock icons
    • Unlimited stock photos
    • Unlimited stock vector images
    • High-res PNG & PDF exports
    • 100 image uploads
    • Save up to 100 designs

    Plus Plan ($ 5.99/mo, $71.88/ year):

    • Unlimited templates
    • Unlimited stock icons
    • Unlimited stock photos
    • Unlimited stock vector images
    • High-res PNG & PDF exports
    • 1,000 image uploads
    • Save up to 1,000 designs

    How to use DesignCap to create charismatic cards?

    To begin with, you should sign up to get access to it. Create your account by entering your Email and details. After signing up, the DesignCap homepage will appear and on it, there are four titles called Category, Template, Support and Learn. If you click on the drop-down of the category list you will find two titles named Marketing Events and Social Media Graphics.


    In the “Marketing and Events” section, you will be able to create online solutions (infographics, Facebook Ads and more). It would be useful for both the creation of online marketing for the production of advertising content to be used on Facebook or elsewhere on the web. Just for Facebook Ads, DesignCap excels and proves to be very useful, simplifying the Ads creation process and helping to make banners more effective and appealing.

    Even the Social Media Graphic section is significant: in a few moments, it is possible to create and optimize banners and graphic elements for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. You will then be able to create more beautiful and effective channels, both for your personal and business / corporate use, simplifying and speeding up the creative activities.

    If you are not able to understand or want to know more about the use of this tool, you can click on the learn option to find out blogs and “Support” for guides and articles about what you want to create. If you’re going to explore and learn by yourself, then hit the “Get Started Now” button.

    On the right side of the corner, a profile with your name and a scroll down arrow, you can click to check the account detail.

    To create a graphic in DesignCap is very simple. You just need to choose a template and customize it with useful editors. After that, you can save, download or share your project.

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