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Beware! Zoom logins are being sold in the Dark Web

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It has been almost six months since the global pandemic COVID-19 strikes worldwide. No one ever expected that a virus could cause a catastrophic to the economy of the countries worldwide. During this moment, most of the meetings are being hosted via Zoom. Zoom is one of the most used video conferencing platforms. Recently, the UK Sunday Times has reported that 500,000 Zoom logins are being sold on the dark web.

Back in March, security researchers have reported that Zoom is not secure to be used for meetings. Due to its major security flaw found in it most of the US tech giants have banned their employees to use Zoom. Tech companies such as Google is encouraging its employees to use Google Meet to have their daily meetings. Besides that, even companies such as NASA and SpaceX has completely banned Zoom being used by their employees.

As for now, these 500,000 Zoom logins is being sold in the dark web for $6,250 (RM27,000). You might think $6,250 is expensive for Zoom logins, but there could be some high profile users details too in it. Hackers can use these details to exploit these 500,000 Zoom users easily. Each of the Zoom login is almost priced at $1.25 (RM5.40).

Did you know that for these past months, every time when you login to Zoom using Facebook, your login information is being shared to Facebook? With the security flaw in it, hackers can easily hack your account. After receiving tons of complaints, Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan told to remove the Facebook SDK on the latest update. Especially, when you login to Zoom using the app on your iPhone or Android devices.

One of the cybersecurity intelligence company have bought the 500,000 Zoom logins. According to Cyble, it bought the Zoom logins from a “Russian-sounding person” through the Telegraph app. By purchasing it they were able confirm that it is true that 500,000 Zoom logins have been compromised. Cyble has reported this issue to the Zoom to take the necessary action.

The Zoom spokesperson shares that the investigation has been started on this issue. And currently, Zoom is locking all the account which has been compromised. Zoom is also personally requesting the victims to change their passwords immediately. Apart from that, Zoom is also on the verge of investigating on who is responsible for this act by hiring an intelligence firm.

Despite having such an issue, there are millions of people are still using Zoom to attend their meetings. Even college students in Malaysia are using Zoom too to present their assignments. It is also reported that, back in December 2019, Zoom had 10 million daily users. Even on April, 300 million users are using Zoom video conferencing platform.

In conclusion, if by any chance you receive email from Zoom then you should know you are one of the victims too. Immediately change your passwords. Make sure to use a password with multiple characters rather than words.

Raaj Lokanathan
Raaj Lokanathan
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