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    YTL has updated the locations of Terragraph free WiFi in Penang


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    YTL Communications who is widely known as Yes 4G has announced its free public WiFi service in Penang at the beginning of this month. According to YTL Communications, this service will be powered by Terragraph which is one of Facebook’s product. If you wish to have fibre-broadband speeds wirelessly, this is the technology you can use it in public areas in Penang. The Terragraph technology is also easy to deploy since its node its installed on the lamp posts.

    Today, YTL Communications updates its website regarding the location of the free WiFi service in Penang. As for now, they are focusing to provide the service surrounding Georgetown’s heritage area. A total of 60 nodes has been installed which covers the following heritage locations.

    If you have a device with WiFi feature enabled, you can use the free WiFi service. Just a simple step to get your own access by signing in into your Facebook account or Google account.

    In conclusion, after the six months trial period, YTL Communications might be offering this service to residential areas too. As for now this service is only available for Penangites in its heritage area.

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