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    YouTube Music: Everything you need to know


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    After four years of launching YouTube Music, finally, Google brings it to Malaysia. YouTube is the most used video streaming platform where billions of users are watching videos. But, if you look at the statistics most of the users are watching videos to listen to music on YouTube.

    If you are a music listener you probably know the reason. Most of the music producing company nowadays are launching their new albums on YouTube rather than other music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music. Google sees this as an opportunity to launch its own music streaming platform where it can grab most of the audience.

    A cheaper price for all the music you love

    By launching YouTube Music in Malaysia, you can start to listen to music for free with ads. This is similar to Spotify free plan. Unless you want to avoid the annoying advertisements sometimes, then probably you need to subscribe for the YouTube Music Premium plan which is offered for RM14.90 per month. Similar to YouTube Premium, YouTube is offering a 1-month free trial. If you would like to have the YouTube Music Premium for your entire family. Then you can consider subscribing the family plan which is priced at RM22.90 per month.

    As we mentioned previously, you can also subscribe to the YouTube Premium which offers you YouTube Music too. This plan is priced at RM 17.90 per month. That is an additional RM3 expensive than the YouTube Music Premium subscription. But, if you look at the bright side, you can get both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

    After YouTube launched YouTube Music Premium in Malaysia, we have our hands-on on it and it is really amazing feature if you are a music lover. Here is the YouTube Music interface design.

    Accessing to the world of YouTube Music

    You can easily access YouTube Music from both your iOS or Android devices. Besides these options, you can also access YouTube Music via the website.

    The best part of having YouTube Music Premium is you can download all the music you enjoy listening for offline listening. Before you board on your flight, you can download all your favourite songs and save it into your music library. Furthermore, you can also listen to a music background. You don’t have to turn on your screen to listen to music anymore. It supports background audio playback. Unless if you are a free user then probably, these features wouldn’t work for you.

    In conclusion, YouTube Music could be one of the best contenders compared with Apple Music and Spotify. We will let you know which is the best music streaming platform soon. Follow TechmonQuay.com for more latest updates.

    Raaj Lokanathan
    A software engineer as a profession. A tech blogger as a passion.

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