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    YouTube Announces the New Shopping Tools For Creators and Viewers

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    Recently, YouTube announced its partnership with Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company. With this collaboration, YouTube is introducing new shopping features on its platform. These new updates allow both creators and viewers to sell their products on their channels. On top of that, creators also can link their Shopify store to their own YouTube channel. 

    Source image: YouTube Official Blog

    According to a post on YouTube’s official blog, creators can display their products directly to the audience during live streams or on their content. Furthermore, Shopify’s real-time inventory syncing allows viewers to see whether creators’ products are available or out of stock. Creators in the United State will have the access to onsite checkout so that viewers can complete the whole purchase process seamlessly without leaving YouTube. The first step that creators can take is to visit the ‘Shopping’ tab in YouTube Studio. 

    The ‘Shopping’ tab will make it easier for creators to manage how their products are tagged and featured in their channels. Moreover, the live shopping features can be accessed by all eligible creators which enables them to tag products to a live stream directly from the Live Control Room.

    To make the features more extensive, YouTube will introduce a new shopping destination in the ‘explore’ tab that will show shoppable content that is relevant to viewers in the US, Brazil, and India, starting next week. As for other countries, the feature will roll out later this year. 

    Like many other social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram, YouTube seems to be morphing into an e-commerce platform as well. Now, users can no longer escape from the temptation of buying things online. Good thing is, with all these shopping features introduced, users would have a different range of products to choose from and probably can compare which one has the best value too! 

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