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    You can use your face to unlock Google Pixel 4

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    As the launch of Google Pixel is right around the corner, Google posted a video teaser showing one of the Pixel 4 features. This time Google is focussing on the motion-sensing feature. According to Google, this is not just about facial recognition. The motion-sensing feature could better possibilities with “ambient computing”.

    The very first feature Google Pixel will feature is the Face unlock feature. From the video above, the Face unlocks feature works seamlessly. You don’t have to use your finger to swipe up. Just by looking at the Pixel 4 the phone unlocks by itself. Google says you can also unlock the Pixel 4 by using your face in any direction. Any direction means even if you put your face upside down, Google is very intelligent to find it is you.

    Google is finally realizing Project Soli

    Based on the video above also you might have noticed that you can use your hand gesture to interact with the Google Pixel 4. According to Google blog, it is clearly stated that it is using Project Soli for the motion-sensing. Google starts Project Soli five years back under the Advanced Technology and Project team (ATAP). Soli is a motion-sensing radar which is used to detect planes and other large.

    Taking a look at the image above, Pixel 4 comes with a motion-sensing feature. Apart from the hand gestures, the Pixel 4 also has the Soli radar chip where you can skip songs or snooze your alarms by simply waving at your phone.

    According to Google, all your data is safe. Whenever you unlock your phone with your face, you don’t have to worry about your data privacy. This is because Google is not saving any data in your phone or shares it to other Google services.

    In conclusion, Google Pixel event will be happening sometime around October. Previously, we got to know the front design of the Google Pixel 4. Now we can confirm there will be many sensors on the top of the phone.

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